BitDevs is a community for those interested in discussing and participating in the research and development of Bitcoin and related protocols.

BitDevs was first started in New York City and has since spread to cities around the world. The format has facilitated rewarding discussions about Bitcoin's technical scene for many years.

It is engaging and open: each meetup is led by a panel of active Bitcoin contributors, but audience participation is encouraged for a bidirectional exploration of current topics in the world's most decentralized and censorship-resistant money.

All levels of technical ability and familiarity with Bitcoin are encouraged to come and participate. We're here to discuss the state of the network from fundamentals up.

Upcoming and Recent Events

» Socratic Seminar 009
» Socratic Seminar 008
» Socratic Seminar 007
» Socratic Seminar 006
» Socratic Seminar 005
» Socratic Seminar 004
» Socratic Seminar 003

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